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There is no job too big or too small for us!


Perry and Perry Plumbing can help with repairing or replacing burst hot water heaters, dripping taps and toilets, rainwater tank installation and rainwater pumps or even help build the home of your dreams.


We specialise in:


















Hot water

Need a new hot water heater or repair? We are specialise in residential plumbing maintenance with great results! 

Bathroom & Kitchen renovations

Perry and Perry Plumbing cover all your needs from a freshen up to complete strip down and start again project.

Domestic Plumbing

Burst pipes

Perry and Perry Plumbing are experts in diagnosing burst pipes in your home.

Gas Plumbing

From a complete new installation of LPG bottles or Natural Gas  we take care of all your requirements.

This includes:

  • connection of gas

  • hot water

  • room heaters

  • ovens and cooktops

  • BBQ points

Leaking taps and toilets
Perry and Perry Plumbing will locate and repair all types leaks around your home. 

Rainwater tank installation and rainwater pumps

We will consult with you to find out the best watertank for you needs. We will position, install and contect your tank so you can begin using it as soon as possible.

Why not have a look at our specials?



Top Tip for Gas instantaneous water heaters!

Does your hot water alternate from hot and cold when only using low flow? Gas instantaneous water heaters, require extra water flow through the heater to safely switch on and maintain the required water temperature. 

So what you feel at the tap is the water heater turning on and off on. To fix this turn the tap on more to increase water flow and maintain water temperature.




Some floor waste drains in bathrooms and laundries need water to be added to the water seal in the trap to prevent sewer smells from venting into the room. Look for a extra tap over the floor waste or a extendable laundry spout to top up the water in the trap or simply tip a bucket of water down the floor waste from time to time. 





Inside the standard hose tap is the humble tap washer which is designed to slip back and forth onto the brass seat – the idea behind this is to stop any back flow of water into the water supply if the supply pressure was to be cut by a burst main. So if you have a faulty hose tap or washer this can jump up and down onto the brass seat in the tap causing extreme water hammer when in use.






Floor waste drain smells
Garden hose tap problems –
"Hammer Sound"
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